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Welcome to The Enchanted Entrepreneur!

Delivering Marketing and Content Strategy, Development, & Writing Services for Creative Entrepreneurs who Dream and Create better than they Plan and Implement since 2009!

If you're a professional magic maker who's deeply alive and on fire with the soul and vision of your business...

But need a little help making that a tangible, tastable, feelable reality...

I'd love to help!


Branding is an art, a science, but above that, it's an EXPERIENCE!

Do your viewers FEEL your mission and magic through your content and visibility elements? Do you have engaging activities that bring them into a seductive client journey to your services and products? Do you have an instantly recognizable and enjoyable presence on your selected platforms? If not, you could use a little Brand Alchemy!

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Are you making sure your marketing efforts have a purpose that takes you closer to your goals?

Impulsive marketing and trial-and-error strategy isn't just a waste of time and money, it also slowly erodes your confidence in who you are and what you're offering to the world. Taking the time to truly PLAN, IMPLEMENT, and MEASURE your marketing and strategy is key to preventing your pursuit of success from costing your success. If this clarity of action has eluded you thus far, you might need some help defining AND acting on a master plan of marketing!


You can have a seductive Brand AND the Master Marketing Plan... but can you deliver on that without captivating content?

I think not. If you're full of fire and inspiration but don't know how to channel that into captivating content to support your social media pages, blogs, lead generation, and program/product enhancements, you might benefit from some creative support turning your inspiration into tangible content!

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Tabitha always knows exactly how to sift through my creative clutter to pull out the TRUE magic behind my ideas for my marketing copy and content so much better than I can myself! It's such a relief not to have to fight to make my brain do things it's simply not happy doing. That's what I call Enchanting Success --being able to do what I love and to delegate the rest to capable pros like Tabitha!

Lisa / Productivity Pixie, Owner of Productivity Pixie LLC

Tabitha transformed our goals and ideas into a detailed Blueprint showing how STEM4Real can achieve our goals with realistic actions and steps. As someone who has little business acumen, it was beneficial to learn about business strategies and how to make it work specifically for our organization. I appreciated the personalized touch and felt that Tabitha truly cared about our organization’s success now and in the future. I feel more prepared and confident in taking the next steps to grow our organization with the right mindset and tools.

Leena / Public Speaker, Educator, Owner of STEM4Real


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Who am I?

Hey there! I'm Tabitha, a Marketing and Content Strategist/Developer/Writer for Creative Entrepreneurs who dream and create better than they plan and implement.

I help them build the necessary foundations to do their BIG work without stressing over all the linear details that aren't natural for them.


Wanna know more? Join me on my Facebook/Instagram @TheEnchantedEntrepreneur OR email me and let's connect directly!