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Who IS The Mistress Behind The Magic?

Come sit a spell and let's find out...



Providing Strategic and Creative Marketing Support to Inspire and Advance Professional Magic Makers Like YOU!


My name is Tabitha Jester, and my journey as an entrepreneur started off as anything but enchanting!


It was 2009, I was full of excitement and creative ideas but had NO earthly idea of how to turn that into organized and effective action. I spent thousands of dollars and endless hours with trial and error methods, coaching course after coaching course, collecting tons of information and POSSIBILITIES, but very little movement in REALITY. 

After years of struggling to get some recognizable taste of success, my confidence in my services and offerings was at an all-time low. I'd spent all the time creating programs, content, and plans. I had allll the puzzle pieces I'd been told by the pros to create, but still, nothing. 

No new sales, no new offers, no new consultations, zilch. The only thing growing as a result of my efforts was my inner doubts and fears.


I have a niggling hunch you may know the feeling!

Luckily for me, I have a fantastic circle of support that won't let me fester in my shit and always motivates me to look at my problems from a new perspective!


Gradually, all that frustration served to help me identify the aspects of entrepreneurship that I find truly enchanting... 

Content creation, brand identity, marketing organization, and revealing the core magic beneath the chaotic mess found by most entrepreneurs on their path of success! 

I fell so deeply in love with this, I couldn't resist the lure of supporting other like-minded magic makers who had their soul fire and endless desire crippled by the confusion of what to do with it in a tangible way.

Since 2012, I've been dancing in the delight of supporting other business professionals to turn their inspiration into tangible marketing and client experiences through customized consulting, side-by-side implementation, and shameless celebration as new levels of self-expansion and success are found!

Does this sound like something you'd be into? Reach out, I'd love to chat! 

**Disclaimer: I think most business "chats" feel cold, slimy, and pushy. If you reach out, I won't be like that. I'm genuinely interested in meeting wonderful people LIKE YOU and seeing where the magic takes us! That might look like finding a new cafe friend, a new referral partner, OR yes, even a new client.


So if you reach out, do so NOT with trepidation that I'm gonna pounce on you and shove my offers down your throat.


Do so with a breath of relaxation and curiosity, expecting to laugh, be truly seen, heard, and supported. No matter what that might look like. *kiss kiss*