Keyboard and Mouse

Do you need a little Brand Alchemy?

Captivate and connect with your ideal people through authentic brand experiences!

Your Brand isn't only about finding colors, fonts, photos, and mood boards that capture and convey your soul and magic visually...

It's also a preview of the type of relationship and experiences you offer to others.

It's what they can feel through you and your offerings.

It's what they can taste, touch, and hear FROM you that echos the desires that beat within THEM.

It's the resonator and captivator of your business, soul to soul.

When it's done effectively, that is.

Image by xiaole Zheng

You're not alone, babe... I've done it too.

(still do on occasion, eeep!)

But this holiday season CAN be different with my Holiday Marketing Bundle!


My Holiday Marketing Bundle is a partnered 1/2 day workshop where you & I will plan, create, schedule, and deliver a sexy 30-day social media marketing experience to make sure your offer ACTUALLY comes to life this year!


This experience allows you to: 

  1. Lean into my fast-action creation skills to make sure your plan comes to life (I’m known as the “48hr-Concept-to-Launch Queen”!).

  2. Enjoy the benefit of a thought-partner to see a different perspective and provide solutions and ideas to enhance your goals.

  3. Watch your marketing desires take form without having to do all the work yourself.

  4. And relax over the rest of 2020 knowing you DID the damn thing and have revenue-generating offers tantalizing your clientele while YOU take some time off!


That sounds like a win to me!

During this Workshop We'll:


We'll outline a 30-day Marketing Plan that incorporates your business goals, brand elements, targeted focus, product to feature, and sexy strategy!


Then, we'll turn that plan into action by co-creating the needed graphics, copy, linking, and publication seduction!


Next, we'll batch and pre-schedule ALL of your 30-day content on your social media channels so you can set it, forget it, and reap the benefits!


In addition to the workshop pre-plan call and the 1/2 day workshop itself, I'll also be checking in and supporting your holiday marketing to keep things magical!