Make Your Social Media Marketing Magical!

Give your audience tangible experiences they can feel and seek more of!

We’re already well into our 2020 holiday season and many small businesses are featuring their Thanksgiving and Christmas sales in a well-organized fashion.

Are YOU?

If not, you're in the right place! 

Listen, I know what it's like to be super passionate and in love with your business... and I also know what a struggle it can be when it comes to sharing that with effective, captivating, and consistent marketing --especially on social media.

Many of us are plagued with squirrely-brained overthink marketing sessions like:

How many posts do I need? What kind?

Graphics, video, both? Neither?

What's the offer? Where's the best place to share it?

What do I need to say about my feature? Am I picking the right one? Gaaaaaaah!

Sooooo many little details have to be sorted and acted upon to make your marketing TRULY come to life!

Sooooo many well-intended holiday features are either forgotten about, half-completed, or haphazardly rolled out just to get SOMETHING published.

Image by Jassir Jonis

You're not alone, babe... I've done it too.

(still do on occasion, eeep!)

But this holiday season CAN be different with my Holiday Marketing Bundle!


My Holiday Marketing Bundle is a partnered 1/2 day workshop where you & I will plan, create, schedule, and deliver a sexy 30-day social media marketing experience to make sure your offer ACTUALLY comes to life this year!


This experience allows you to: 

  1. Lean into my fast-action creation skills to make sure your plan comes to life (I’m known as the “48hr-Concept-to-Launch Queen”!).

  2. Enjoy the benefit of a thought-partner to see a different perspective and provide solutions and ideas to enhance your goals.

  3. Watch your marketing desires take form without having to do all the work yourself.

  4. And relax over the rest of 2020 knowing you DID the damn thing and have revenue-generating offers tantalizing your clientele while YOU take some time off!


That sounds like a win to me!

During this Workshop We'll:


We'll outline a 30-day Marketing Plan that incorporates your business goals, brand elements, targeted focus, product to feature, and sexy strategy!


Then, we'll turn that plan into action by co-creating the needed graphics, copy, linking, and publication seduction!


Next, we'll batch and pre-schedule ALL of your 30-day content on your social media channels so you can set it, forget it, and reap the benefits!


In addition to the workshop pre-plan call and the 1/2 day workshop itself, I'll also be checking in and supporting your holiday marketing to keep things magical!

The Holiday Marketing Bundle Details

What does REAL support, guidance, and co-creation feel like? You're gonna find out!

Your Workshop begins with ONE 60m Welcome and Planning Zoom Meeting; this is done before the workshop so you know exactly what we need to hit the ground running! This contains:

  • A Full Project Marketing Outline

    • Branding Review; Keeping your language, look, feel, and magic authentic and captivating! 

    • Avatar Review; Making sure we speak to the IDEAL people!

    • Official Offer Formulation; Defining your product and the path of seduction to it!

    • Timeline Overview; Setting your campaign workshop date, completion, publication, and end date.

    • Content Needs Assessment; Identifying any current content that will be used in the content creation.


Followed by ONE 4-5hr Zoom Workshop where we’ll:

  • Review the plan and add final details; Just in case there were loose ends from the Pre-Planning call.

  • Complete Content Strategy and Creation; No generic and templated content for you, this is all customized, baby!

  • Complete Content Scheduling for Publication; No leaving this to chance and future procrastination!

  • And address final action items and scheduling our next meeting for accountability and celebration magic!


Completed with ONE 30m follow-up Zoom Meeting for troubleshooting, celebration, and next steps if required.


Your physical takeaways will be 30 created and scheduled Social Media Posts for the duration of the Holiday Promotion (30-days). 


We’ll create this with:

  • 30 Sexy Social Media Graphics; These are a mix of photography and branded text templates for a clear, sexy, and appealing newsfeed your viewers WANT to read.

  • Copy Curation and Editing; We’ll use a mix of your existing content (blogs, sales pages, etc.) and combined new writing to make sure it’s authentic to you AND effective in action.

  • Call-to-Action’s as defined by the promotion feature; Content that works FOR you is very different from newsfeed clutter. We’re going to make sure your content has a purpose AND result!

  • Diverse Social Media Posts; A mix of promo offers, captivation posts, and general KTL cultivation is ideal for keeping your viewers engaged and wanting more without feeling they’re just another sale being chased.

  • Content Scheduling for Publication; No backing out now! We’re putting the magic in motion by scheduling all our newly created content through the platform of your current use, like Hootsuite, Later, Facebook Scheduler, etc.

Are you ready to make this sexy marketing magic with me?

Awesome! Then we need to talk ASAP as I'm only accepting TWO more magic-makers in this offer for the over HALF OFF discount.

What's the investment? This Workshop Bundle is usually offered at $1500, but for the remainder of 2020, it's $750!

Tabitha... this is definitely enchanting and all... but why so cheap?

I'll be honest, I've caught a lot of flack from my business soul sisters for deep discounting this, but there's a method to my madness! (usually)

You see, I recently created a fabulous content creation system that helps busy entrepreneurs end the pattern of junk-food content by replacing it with a system that helps them outline ALL of their marketing for an entire YEAR that's matched to their yearly business and marketing plan.

This allows them to:

  • Ditch the cutsie templated posts everyone else is using

  • Organize their marketing into quarterly and monthly offers that MAKE SENSE 

  • See the overall marketing vision, needs, actions, and benefits so they can reach the goals they set for 2021 systematically and naturally

And baby, is it ever sexy!

But after making a few changes, I want to test it out before formally offering it in 2021. I'm a perfectionist (and I love it!), and I have no doubt I'll find GOLD when walking a few others through a condensed version of this that will help me polish the final edges of this sexy masterpiece! 

So I feel it's only fair that I compensate my clients through the discount as well. It's a win/win all the way around! This is also why I'm hand-selecting those I bring into this process. I have to make sure we ALL fit the needs and outcomes we both desire. 

If you're feeling a little hot-n-bothered and excited to chat, schedule your call with me by clicking on the button below!

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Who am I?

Hey, I'm Tabitha, your business Enchantress! A bit about me? I'm a coffee connoisseur, day-dreamer, mad-scientist, and airy-fairy Libra who loves helping passionate pro-magic-makers understand, embrace, and showcase their unique gifts through detailed branding, marketing, and captivating content creation. 


Since 2009, I've been dipping my fingers into the wild waters of other professional's business madness to coax out the magic in a way that has them --and their tribe-- feeling enchanted, supported, and capable of reaching new levels of success and satisfaction.


Wanna know more? Join me on my Facebook/Instagram @TheEnchantedEntrepreneur OR email me and let's connect directly!